Background Scores

Another crucial element in story telling is indefinitely the music and scores which go into making it a piece of art. Wether they be original or hand picked, music is the element of post production which truly helps connect the audience and lets the viewers understand how the characters and feeling and what the situation instils.

This was an important aspect in my film as I had to go through a number of choices before finally selecting a few hand picked and well thought of original songs.

This is where we may think the film officially starts off as we see Rumi go about his regular day and the relics of his once famous and known past and what he has come to achieve. In my opinion, it gives a strong beginning to us looking through the eyes of the protagonist.

A songs used in the background to portray a party going on while Rumi is panicking in his bathroom successfully sets up how guests are enjoying themselves downstairs while our protagonist grips to himself for life.

One of the most important songs, originally a n Indian sung classic, later a cover song by another Indian singer and finally a remixed version. It tells of Rumis journey to the only solice he can find, drugs and alcohol .

Black Water by Reuben and the Dark

The last piece of music where the film departs and the credits roll, originally inspired by Breaking Bads movie El Camino, it provides the sudden jolt back to reality Rumi faces.


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