One of the more tougher challenges I faced during the entirety of post production had to be selecting and matching the correct audio as well as skimming through dozens of retakes to find the best one that fit the desired scene. Moreover, to make matters worse during the dialogue driven bedroom scene most of Seemis lines were easily recorded but due to some technical problems Rumis lines weren’t recorded.

Therefore I had to record all of Rumis lines for that scene separately and later on dub and synch the dialogue appropriately, in the end however it was done with minor audio jumps. Another interesting task I did was audio voiceovers for the radio jockeys in the first scene. I was lucky enough to have two of my friends volunteer and therefore we had a session where I recorded they’re lines separately and overplayed their audio after I was finished editing the first scene.

More instances of editing audio was when I used sampled free sounds off the internet as ambient sound as well as non-diegetic sound which were added later on to create the desired atmosphere of the scene.

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