Answer# 4

How did you integrate technologies – software, hardware and online – in this project?

Being tasked with this portfolio I was able to use a vast array of different technologies not only to complete my portfolio but also to be able to complete various stages during the pre-production, production and post-production processes, as well as compete the required minor tasks of the selected package and various formats used to answer the critical reflection questions. This project not only helped me get introduced and familiar with these technologies, it also allowed me to understand what is required in the field of media, and what I should expect if I choose to follow this as a career.

Firstly, hardware was most of all used during the production phase with my desired camera being a Sony Alpha sii, a standard tripod, x3 800W Pro Red Head lights and a standard Zoom collar mic for audio recording. It was quite a challenge at first as I had never been familiar with technologies commonly used in photography or photoshop, but during this tenure I was able to familiarise my self with these common devices.

Softwares were mostly used during the initial pre-production and post-production phases as I used the celtex app for storyboarding and scripting along with softwares such as Wondershare Filmora for editing my project.

For my minor tasks I used the website WIX for making my own website for the film and Adobe Photoshop for editing and making the postcard. Throughout my project I relied on the WordPress app for updating my blog and everything I was doing. Most of these were online websites and applications and I would be categorise them under those specific examples.

Moreover, the critical reflection answers were almost all done through software with one being a simple blogpost through WordPress, another being an edited directors commentary edited on iMovie, and two being done on MS PowerPoint and MS Word.

It was throughout this project at several items that I was able to integrate hardware software and online technologies that allowed me complete my portfolio.

Critical Reflection Formats

As per our syllabus guidelines I have begun drafting my creative critical reflection answers and have come up with the following ideas. I’ll be answering one question through the format of Ms Power Point because through my previous experience I feel I have enough skill to make an appealing yet informative presentation on the question if chosen to answer

For another question I’ve chosen to write a simple yet precise essay answer on MS Word which clearly states the answer yet gives pictorial images of the arguments being discussed and appropriately answers the question.

Another format I have chosen is the directors commentary p, in particular, because of my speaking skills which I feel confident in and I find it in this way that I may be able to explain why I’ve made some following decisions in my short film. I also feel that it is the most efficient way to answer the proposed question.

Lastly, for my final answer I will be making a detailed yet precise and simple blog post on the site, which will be intriguing yet easy and will answer the question with ease.

Just keep swimming

Usually sometimes you hit hiccups down along the road, this whole project has been quite overwhelming at times, although it’s been a tremendous learning experience, it’s also been somewhat challenging and at times downright terrifying. But sometimes I think to myself and say, what would the greats do if they were in many place, that is why at times I take a break and reflect on the level of important work I’m doing and takin some inspiration from my favourite directors.